The history of Seair Pacific spans almost forty years.

Originally known as Southport Floatplanes, the company conducted joy flights over the Gold Coast in the early 1970s. The business continued on relatively unchanged providing joyflights, float endorsement training and general local charter work until 1985.

Company founder Bill Lane trained current owner Peter Gash in 1985. In the same year, the operation was purchased by the O'Hare Corporation based in Melbourne, and the name changed to Seair Pacific.

In December 1990 Peter and Julie Gash took ownership of the company, starting with one Cessna 206 Floatplane and a seaplane base at Runaway Bay. The company concentrated on developing regular scenic daytrips from the Gold Coast to Lady Musgrave Island on the southern Great Barrier Reef.

In August 1998 Seair purchased a larger hangar, maintenance, and administration facility at Coolangatta which is now the company's main base for administration, maintenance, flying operations and the storage of aircraft.

By basing the organisation at Coolangatta the company was able to diversify even further, now conducting executive charter operations, freight and cargo, parachute specialised operation, float landing gear training and government charter.

The Company has an exclusive air charter agreement with Lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef to fly all Lady Elliot Island's passengers.